Emric is a specialist in solutions for credit processing.

A Smoother Credit Journey

LENDING by Emric automates loan origination and administration.

LEASING by Emric harmonises asset and equipment finance across Europe.

Banks and credit providers can choose a standard sourcing option to complement each product.

And while clients focus on core business, FINANCIAL BPO by Emric take care of the rest. Leader in the Nordic region, Emric is proud to support a global network of system partners, credit providers and banks with front and back office solutions.

Welcome to a smoother credit journey.

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Products / Services

LENDING by Emric means loan origination and administration for banks and credit companies.

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Products / Services

LEASING by Emric enables pan-European asset, equipment and dealer financing.

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Lending / Leasing

Emric offers a choice of sourcing options to suit business needs: licence, software as a service and FINANCIAL BPO by Emric. That’s process management made simple.



Bank / Lending

Landshypotek Bank is on a journey to become a digital savings bank.

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MedMera Bank

Consumer Finance / Lending

Added value made simple is the recipe as MedMera Bank launches an online personal loan. Emric is behind the scenes to ensure that the credit process is fast, smooth and secure.

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Web / Social media

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